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Can Communications providers meet expectations in the era of convenient customer experiences?

November 11, 2019



Not long ago, hitting the sweet spot with your price and product was enough to win a loyal customer base in telecommunications.

But this tried and tested combo has had its day. 

Today, above everything else, your customers desire personalized ongoing digital experiences. They prize convenience – delivered through flexible, fast and tailored experiences – over product and price.

Want proof? Just look at the unstoppable rise of subscription models, which recorded 100% annual growth in the five years up to 2018.

Still need persuading? Customer experience (cx) leaders increase revenues by 5% to 10%, and cut costs by 15% to 25% within two or three years.

So, boost your NPS, and your revenues will follow suit. 

But the kind of brilliant experiences we’re talking about, with the Amazon-like convenience we’ve all grown to expect, come from complete, continuous customer journeys – not one-off interactions. 

We’ve all ordered from a polished looking website, only to be waiting four days for our ‘next-day’ delivery. Or been passed from one customer agent to the next, in a vain attempt to solve a seemingly straightforward problem with a service we’ve already paid for.

It’s enough to drive you mad. 

These exasperating experiences stem from broken customer journeys that kill customer experiences – even those that started promisingly. 

And neither you, nor your customers, will accept it anymore. 

Because digital-native customers and companies have disrupted customer experience as we knew it. They’ve elevated the standard – now your company has to follow suit. 

We know that in the past your efforts might have been held back, whether by custom built systems, unrealistic vendors or a combination of both. 

But today the technology is there to empower your business to unlock these fantastic experiences.


What do your customers want?

Before we delve into the issues that could be stalling your cx, let’s recap what today’s customers really want. 

Your customers expect digital, personalized, contextual and real-time engagements, across every channel. 

But, as we’ve touched on, piecing together every element of this customer experience utopia isn’t easy. In fact, it’s something most companies are struggling with.

A recent Gartner survey found that delivering the desired customer experience and consistently serving across channels were the top two challenges companies came across in their digital commerce efforts. 

Challenges faced in digital commerce – Gartner

Thankfully your customers are willing to give a little to get the experience they want. This is reflected in their willingness to exchange data for a personalized experience. 

Our partners at Accenture found that 78% of customers want you to use information to fully personalize their cx. But 84% expect you to use this data to treat them like a person, not a number, to win their business.

If you can get your personalization right, you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

Personalization has been proven to improve engagement, decrease cart abandonment, and increase both revenue (up to 28%) and conversion (up to 71%).

As we saw earlier, a seamless surface experience is next to worthless if you’re unable to continually deliver on the products and services you’ve promised your customers. So, alongside the convenience, flexibility and personalization offered by digital channels, you can’t overlook your commerce engine room. 

Yes, customers love intuitive digital experiences, but only if they’re backed up by rapid, real-time product and service delivery.

They also want to see the ongoing status of their orders and subscriptions – and be able to manage them easily – from order, to renewal and beyond. 

There’s no denying that your demanding customers’ expectations are evolving faster than ever. We haven’t even mentioned the likes of OTT value-added services and proactive customer services – which you can also add to your cx checklist. 

This ever-growing baseline expectation means customers are scouting out digital-only offerings and the Amazon-like experiences that are fast becoming the new norm. 

But, for most businesses, there’s a software-sized elephant in the room stopping you from measuring up to these expectations.


Battling a broken digital ecosystem

95% of purchases to be made online by 2040

With 95% of purchases to be made online by 2040, successful customer experiences will be overwhelmingly delivered on digital channels. 

But most businesses are stumbling at the first hurdle – they can’t achieve a continuous digital-led customer experience. And it’s no surprise.

Your systems weren’t designed to serve customers a new-age digital subscription experience.

For most, any attempt to shift to this model are scuppered by fragmented platforms and the inconsistent data they deliver.

Online stores might initially seem to offer a faultless digital experience. But scratch beneath the surface and you quickly find it’s a facade; a digital illusion.

Because under the flawless exterior lies broken customer journeys and an inability to deliver on the forever experiences that today’s customers demand.

What is a digital illusion?

Customer journeys are inconsistent across channels, and core systems and change processes can’t be exposed directly through digital channels. Meanwhile, employees’ hands are tied by siloed, rigid systems that slow time to market and breed manual, error-strewn fulfillment and a disjointed service. 

Worst of all, indispensable data is locked away, making continuous personalized customer journeys across the subscription lifecycle a pipe dream. 

These limited systems lead to a lackluster customer experience, low NPS, and ultimately a loss of business and revenue.

It’s a frustrating picture. 

But there are ways to overcome this cycle of cx doom and gloom. Ways to deliver the kind of disruptive experiences that will win customer loyalty and lifetime value – without disrupting your business.


Digital apps that deliver unrivalled customer convenience

68.5% of CSPs see the rapid arrival of new tech as a risk for their business. 

And, yes, advancements in technology mean you will need to adapt faster and make your cx better, leaner and smarter. 

But disruptive technology is also an enormous window of opportunity for your business. 

With your competitors struggling to adapt, if you’re quick to implement the right technology you’ll have a head start in satisfying customer expectations, as well as innovating for the future. 

If you’re going to grab your chance, you can’t afford to press pause on your business. Ripping up and replacing all your customer-facing channels will only cost you in time, money and potentially customers. And it brings no guarantee of the right result at the end.

Instead, you can build on what you have to get fast time to value, and the cx your customers expect. 

A commerce app, designed for your industry, is simple to implement and can handle omnichannel experiences, as well as the nuances inherent with the Communications industry.

It’s a fast-track to delivering convenient subscription experiences.

By connecting your key commerce elements – from marketing and sales to fulfillment and customer service – a commerce app empowers your business to quickly compete with today’s experience disruptors, win customer loyalty and bump your revenues in the process.

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