Providing a single integrated sales platform on Salesforce

Cogeco Peer 1

Cogeco Peer 1 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cogeco Cable Inc. The company is a global provider of essential business-to-business products and services, such as data transport, colocation, cloud and managed services, and dedicated hosting, with customers across Canada, the United States, Mexico and Western Europe. The organization has 16 data centers, an extensive fiber network and more than 50 points of presence in North America and Europe, providing small, medium and large businesses the ability to access, move, manage and store mission-critical data worldwide.

Cogeco Peer 1 transforms its sales and order management processes with CloudSense

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    Cogeco Peer 1, a leading global provider of essential business to business data products and services, selected CloudSense to extend its Salesforce capabilities and reinvent its sales and order management processes.

    In 2015, Cogeco Cable (TSX: CCA), the 8th largest hybrid fiber coaxial cable operator in North America, merged its subsidiaries, Cogeco Data Services and Peer 1 Hosting, to form a single company – Cogeco Peer 1. The merger created the strong product and service offering that Cogeco Peer 1 delivers to its global customer base today. Now the organization is leveraging CloudSense and Salesforce to more fully integrate the two companies’ business units and processes, ensuring the continued delivery of an exceptional customer experience.

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    Salesforce and CloudSense: delivering a single business platform

    With the merger complete, Cogeco Peer 1’s customers needed and expected the company to deliver a rapid and smooth solution design, quote and delivery experience. But, in reality, the complex nature of these hybrid solutions required time intensive navigation across a mix of internal systems. To meet their customer’s expectations, sales teams needed an integrated product catalog, a seamless process to configure, price, quote and deliver solutions as well as a simple way for customers to review and approve the proposed solutions.

    With the sales team already using Salesforce Sales Cloud for collaboration, as well as contact and opportunity management, it made sense for Cogeco Peer 1 to expand its Salesforce investment. The new solution will give CP1 a unified catalog for all product and service offerings and a reinvented seamless end-to-end sales process.

    CloudSense’s Salesforce-native solution proved the perfect platform to provide Cogeco Peer 1 with the Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Contract Lifecycle Management, Order Management, Product Catalog and Pricing Management capabilities it sought to drive this improved customer experience and single sales platform through Salesforce, alongside goTransverse’s intelligent billing platform.

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    “CloudSense will deliver the seamless end-to-end sales process we need as one unified company”

    “CloudSense’s platform will deliver the seamless end-to-end sales process we need as one unified company. We were put at ease by CloudSense’s knowledge and experience with the complex processes that are part and parcel in our industry. By reinventing our sales and order management processes, CloudSense will improve internal collaboration, and enable us to go-to-market quicker – ensuring Cogeco Peer 1 will continue to deliver the exceptional service our customers deserve,” commented Ted Smith, Vice President of Engineering and Operations at Cogeco Peer 1.

    Rowley Douglas, CloudSense’s Vice President of Global Customer Success, said, “We’re delighted Cogeco Peer 1 selected CloudSense. Our platform will seamlessly extend Salesforce to deliver the sales and order management capabilities Cogeco Peer 1 needs to streamline its business and sell more quickly and efficiently. We look forward to working closely with Cogeco Peer 1’s team and seeing the positive results of this implementation shortly.”


“We were put at ease by CloudSense’s knowledge and experience with the complex processes that are part and parcel in our industry.”

Ted Smith, Vice President of Engineering and Operations, Cogeco Peer 1