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The Energy sector has evolved dramatically, disrupted forever by digital innovation. The shift to digital – alongside the continually evolving challenges of deregulation, growing competition, sustainability and unbundling – puts Energy and Utilities providers in a period of unprecedented change.

With the conception of the likes of smart homes, real-time consumption data and renewable energy, technology has become a determining factor in how customers both select and interact with their Energy suppliers. However, due to a reliance on legacy systems, most Energy organizations haven’t kept pace with the shifting digital landscape and now fall short of customer preferences and behaviors.

Whether you supply direct to consumers, businesses or trade in Energy fuel, the urgent need for digital transformation can’t be ignored. The CloudSense platform delivers a flexible, agile front-office solution that connects buyers across all channels to established back-office IT investments and processes, empowering you to deliver personalized omnichannel journeys.

CloudSense makes customer-centric digital transformation for Utilities a reality, enabling Energy companies to reimagine your business models and streamline business operations and processes. This provides competitive differentiation, increased customer satisfaction, higher revenues and stickiness and maximizes operational efficiency across your business.

Stay competitive with customer-centric contact centers

Create omnichannel, personalized purchasing journeys

Deliver a seamless digital customer experience across every channel with the CloudSense Platform. Launch your entire range of energy products and services through clicks not code and empower your agents by giving them access to bundles, promotions and pricing comparisons direct from your CRM system. Reduce average call handling times and achieve more first-time call resolutions.

Provide an exceptional experience for customers, while delivering a lean process all the way through to contract and provisioning. Information flows seamlessly from CloudSense Order Management to ERP systems, such as SAP IS-U. CloudSense handles high volumes, the sophisticated pricing unique to the energy market and can be deployed across every channel including eCommerce – enabling customer self-service and ensuring service excellence as well as lower operating costs.

Key features

100% Salesforce native

Centralize information to provide a 360-degree view of every customer and seamless integration to ERP

Next best action for personalized recommendations

Sophisticated product and pricing structures, including competitive comparisons

Omnichannel, including lower cost self-serve portals

Full audit trail

Simplifying sophisticated home service sales

Sell everywhere with a Mobile App

Deliver personalized, seamless purchasing experiences in client homes and premises with CloudSense Anywhere. Perform needs analysis for complex energy solutions bespoke to each customer and configure, price, quote instantly on a mobile device. Guide your sales teams in creating quotes and capture contract signatures on glass for all of your products and services while with the client.

Integrate with rich media showroom apps to provide a compelling customer experience that differentiates you from your competition. Sell anywhere, with or without an internet connection, and eliminate rekeying by automatically storing all information in Salesforce.

Key features

100% Salesforce native

Streamline and complete the sales process before leaving the client

Needs analysis to propose a personalized service

Access the single product catalog in Salesforce

Work on and offline


Guided selling

Wholesale and large scale energy distribution

Guided selling and delivery management for large enterprises

Offer customers an intuitive secure self-service portal to order and track deliveries. Update pricing whenever the market dictates using simple clicks, not code. Guarantee customer satisfaction with easy-to-use business work flow design, jeopardy management, notifications and alerts.

Keep all customer and order information centralized and at the fingertips of your distribution network, even when they’re on the move. Leverage the CloudSense Platform’s flexibility by offering different types of customers their own pricing, products and promotions through a personalized secure web-based portal and a single product catalog in the cloud, allowing them to move to and from different channels throughout the purchasing and order delivery process.

Key features

Single product catalog

Comprehensive pricing tariffs

Jeopardy management


Secure self-serve portal

Salesforce native

Take Salesforce further

Serving customers better on Salesforce

The CloudSense Platform extends your Salesforce capabilities to ensure you make the most of your investment. Benefit from the CloudSense energy models and deliver speed, accuracy and flexibility for your business, providing a joined-up experience across all channels for your customer. Centralize information to help achieve governance. Automate manual processes to eliminate errors and configure complex solutions. Real-time information ensures up-to-date information is always accessible and accurate.


360-degree view of customers

Extend the Salesforce clouds

Role-specific interfaces

Real-time updates

Automate processes

Say goodbye to integration

How Momentum Energy delivers customer-centric
experiences with CloudSense

100% Australian owned and operated

Owned by Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest generator of renewable energy

“CloudSense has seamlessly extended Salesforce,
enabling us to improve our accuracy and provide
a joined-up customer-centric service all the way
from quotes and delivery of orders, right through
to our eCommerce offering.”

Natalie Davies
Head of Customer Experience
Momentum Energy


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