Powering the new era
of digital finance

Financial Services

Regulatory reform and increasingly disruptive competition means delivering seamless digital customer experiences has never been more vital for financial institutions. But to modernize, grow revenues and delight customers, ditching outdated legacy IT infrastructure and disconnected mainframe systems is essential. The alternative – a failure to modernize IT systems and innovate with speed and scale – will inevitably lead to steep decline for banking, insurance and investment companies.

Using a single cloud platform, financial institutions can supersede the nimble Fintech disruptors trying to eat your lunch. With CloudSense you can seamlessly meet the ever-changing demands and expectations of customers and regulators. Our Salesforce-native platform digitizes and automates previously painstaking tasks for frictionless end-to-end customer lifecycles – powered by intelligence. Digitize customer services, accelerate go-to-market time with agile commercial innovation and drive new revenue streams through omnichannel selling, service and fulfilment.

Data-driven product bundling

Increase customer value with upsell and cross-sells

Unleash commercial innovation and maintain a competitive edge with rapid time to market for new products, services, offers and bundles. Drive product innovation and bypass the restrictions of traditional legacy systems with easy to use drag & drop tooling with full audit trail and governance. Maximize customer value with our guided recommendations engine driven by dynamic rules to upsell and cross-sell tailored banking products and services from any channel. Seamlessly connect back-office ERP systems and 3rd-party applications into the world’s #1 CRM and transform the effectiveness of your existing IT infrastructure.

Key features

Rules-driven rates & offers

Dynamic personalized product bundling

Guided upselling and cross-selling

Centralized product catalog

Drag & drop tooling

100% Salesforce native

Intelligent mobile app – offline capabilities

Automated & compliant process management

De-risk your compliance burden

Ensure compliance with ever-changing industry regulations and drive cross-functional collaboration in real-time across the entire organization on a single platform. Create auditable workflows to automate contract redlining, approvals, signature and storage. Gain a full audit trail of all interactions with clients, including a clear view of what information was shared by who and when. Utilize automated jeopardy management and workflows to ensure that you never miss a step or renewal.

Key features

Contract Management

Full audit trail

Intelligent document generation

Automated process workflows & jeopardy management

Centralized real-time collaboration tools


Advanced user permissions

Dynamic approval configuration

Personalized unassisted sales & customer care

Next-generation customer engagement, sales and service

Utilize fully customizable portals to create a secure community for policyholders, brokers, advisors and customer service agents to communicate and collaborate quickly and easily on one platform, from any device. Empower service agents with a 360-degree view of all customer interactions to resolve claims and cases in record time and provide fast, personalized financial advice in real time. Convert service calls into sales opportunities with dynamic personalized offers and content. Leverage intelligent insights through advanced reporting to help bankers and advisors prioritize prospects and recommend products tailored to each individual customer. Unleash the power of CloudSense Genius to acquire new customers quickly and seamlessly with recommended next-best-actions to accelerate sales and service journeys.

Key features

Omnichannel branded self-service portals

Real-time collaboration tools

Guided service and sales journeys

Intelligent next-best-action recommendations

Dynamic data-driven offers

Customizable mobile app

User-specific interfaces

Drag and drop process builder

Lead and deal management

Take Salesforce further

Commerce & CRM

The CloudSense Platform delivers a unique Commerce and process management capability on Salesforce that extends and enhances the market leading CRM. Salesforce customers benefit from a single solution that gives their users role-specific interfaces that deliver financial product specific sales and provisioning functionality. Bringing together all your channels and giving customers a compliant joined-up experience.


Enhance the Salesforce Data Model

Extend the Salesforce clouds

Connect self-service & CRM

Say goodbye to integration

Bring together Commerce & CRM data