Digital journeys for citizens and students

Public Sector & Higher Education

Today’s Public Sector and Higher Education institutions face the same pressures as the private sector to deliver exceptional experiences, along with the added burden of managing costs and resources effectively and transparently. However, the limitations of traditional technology architecture are undermining your efforts to provide the seamless digital experience users expect today.

The increased expectations placed on Public Sector and Higher Education institutions stem from society’s ever-increasing connectivity. It’s by harnessing this very technology to digitize and automate your processes that governments and education bodies can exceed soaring expectations, while managing your own resources more effectively. In short, digitization presents Public Sector and Higher Education institutions with the opportunity to cut costs while improving speed, accuracy and the user experience.

With CloudSense, Public Sector and Higher Education institutions can deliver an always-on service across every channel, increasing engagement and providing exceptional student and citizen experiences. CloudSense’s groundbreaking cloud platform provides a comprehensive 360-degree view of all your records, data and relationships, enabling you to provide a fast, accurate and cost-effective service. Replace your disconnected legacy systems with a single easy to use, scalable platform and reduce your workload through intelligent automation and self-service.

Proven digital case management

Create joined-up, personalized services and journeys

The CloudSense Platform delivers a 360-degree view of each case, across every channel. Centralize information and documentation securely in the cloud to provide public sector caseworkers with instant access to relevant materials and details – enabling them to deliver joined-up personalized public services, whether that’s in education and child protection or community and justice. Give caseworkers access to all the information they need from any device, whether on or offline. Case details updated in the field are accessible in real-time in the centralized database, eliminating delays in time-critical cases. Rules-based personalization and needs analysis ensures caseworkers always recommend relevant services. Automate workflow processes to successfully resolve cases in record time. Create jeopardy and milestone workflows to ensure individual cases are never overlooked. Case managers can easily monitor and manage progress in one place through real-time reports, analytics & dashboards.

Key features

100% Salesforce native

Centralize information to provide a 360-degree view of every case

Control access to sensitive data with advanced user permissions

Next best action & needs analysis delivers intelligent personalized service recommendations

Never miss case critical warning signs with jeopardy management

Caseworkers can work remotely on and offline

Omnichannel capabilities for public sector

Stay compliant with a full audit trail

Intelligent licensing

Personalized omnichannel license sales & care

Digitize and automate licensing processes to cut administration time while reducing errors and costs. Sell licenses seamlessly, with faster configuration, quotes and accurate pricing. Centralize your licenses on Salesforce to gain full visibility, ensuring you can manage and control complex licenses and subscriptions from conception through to renewal. Ensure license compliance using tracked information and feedback and never miss another renewal using jeopardy management. Provide self-service online to increase engagement, reduce administrative tasks and deliver the agile experience expected today.

Key features

100% Salesforce-native license management

Digitized and automated license processes

Ensures compliance of complex licenses

Jeopardy management and tracked feedback

Seamless ERP integration

Self-service capabilities for public sector

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) & Order management

Contract Lifecycle Management

Digital student marketplace

Instant self-service & joined-up student experiences

Create a digital services hub for current and prospective students from one single product catalog. Rapidly configure, launch and sell a variety of education products so that students can customize their learning with personalized packages. Deliver frictionless student support and service from any channel using self-service portals and live chat. Provide full visibility of all available resources for staff and students through real-time availability checks and a centralized self-service booking system. Easily measure student engagement throughout their journey with real-time dashboards and reports and trigger actions to resolve potential problems and reduce student drop-out rates. Upsell & cross sell throughout the full student lifecycle with intelligent guided buying and selling journeys based on student profiles. Automate and accelerate the creation, approval, signature, storage and renewal of critical contracts directly in Salesforce.

Key features

Centralized product catalog

Guided user journeys and next-best-action

Secure self-service portals

Intelligent contract management

Real-time collaboration with Chatter

Mobile app with offline capability

Pipeline and risk management

Take Salesforce further

Serve students & citizens better on Salesforce

The CloudSense Platform extends your Salesforce capabilities to ensure you make the most of your investment. Harness the speed, accuracy and flexibility of commercial models to provide a joined-up user experience across channels. Centralize information to provide workers with access to relevant materials and details. Automate manual processes to eliminate errors and configure complex cases. Real-time information ensures up-to-date information is always accessible and accurate from any device.


Manage all cases from Salesforce

Role-specific interfaces

Deliver seamless service changes

Real-time updates

Automating processes brings more resources

Private sector accuracy and efficiency for the public sector

Customer success story

NSW Department of Family and Community Services

The CloudSense Platform is used to create a catalog of services provided by different suppliers for the New South Wales Government. Caseworkers use the CloudSense software to create the right care services for a particular child and capture all the information needed. The platform then books the care service, sends out a work order, creates purchase requisitions and integrates into the financial systems to create the invoices to help caseworkers to work faster.

“To deliver ChildStory we have chosen to collaborate with technology partners who have demonstrated that they understood the challenge and had the right technology to support child protection in NSW.”

Lisa Alonso Love

Program Director

New South Wales Government


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