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Multimedia ad sales

Transform your ad sales with a single system for selling cross media, natively built on Salesforce. Streamline processes from the initial pitch to the purchase through fulfillment and business processes to invoicing and approval. Maximize sales order value and slash admin time by selling all cross media in a single place. Connect your sales opportunity and your ad server to deliver quicker, more accurate bookings.

Quickly define and bring to market new innovative product offerings and tariffs, drive down invoicing time and control renewals in complex multi-channel environments, integrating into legacy systems and driving efficiencies throughout. Achieve this faster and much more economically than with traditional on-premise solutions. 

The CloudSense Ad Sales difference



Ad sales management benefits by role

Our Media Platform helps everyone involved in the Ad Sales process at your company. Bring together your entire Ad booking and deliver journey onto one platform on Salesforce.

CloudSense Advertising Sales key features

The CloudSense Media Platform delivers media CRM, Ad Booking and Subscriptions management on the Salesforce platform. CloudSense is enabling leading media organisations to innovate, drive efficiency and generate new revenue, unencumbered by legacy systems for ad bookings in digital and print.