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Contract Management

Don’t let disconnected systems, siloed data and manual processes derail your organization’s Contract Management processes. With an innovative Salesforce Contract Management solution your organization can manage risk, proactively meet deadlines, maximize contract values and realize surprising savings.

CloudSense is the 100% Salesforce-native Contract Management solution, built to automate and accelerate your entire contract lifecycle, so you can close business quicker. Empower your sales teams with self-service tools and save your legal department valuable time through automated end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management – right from contract generation, negotiation and approvals to signature, obligation management and renewals.

The Contract Management difference



Power employee productivity

Get your people on the same page to drive better business outcomes. CloudSense Contract Management empowers your sales, legal and finance teams with user specific approvals, automated workflows and real-time collaboration. Helping your people close deals faster than ever, while ensuring compliance and minimizing risk.

Why CloudSense Contract Management?