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Leverage Incognito device management and CloudSense BSS, powered by Salesforce, to deliver holistic digital customer care through a proactive customer experience solution.

As your customers’ expectations scale new heights and competition grows, your most valuable differentiator is no longer connectivity – but your customer experience.

“By 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.”

To thrive in the ultra-competitive era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution every element of your customer journey – from a seamless omnichannel sales process to precise post-sale care – must be flawless.

But, for CSPs, with more than 70% of service quality issues occurring within the home network, service in the home/SOHO network is always open to variables and issues. Whether disruption occurs on a cable modem, from other devices, or an IoT gateway, sustained service interference will inevitably impact the customer experience.

At worst, service disruption leads to a social media storm, negative reviews, customers churning and a plummeting NPS. At best, you get a flood of inbound support calls and tickets to process and resolve. But CSPs no longer need to subscribe to this narrative. With the proactive customer experience solution you can eradicate the negative impact of service disruption, or better still – turn it into a positive.

Deliver tomorrow’s customer experiences, today

The new joint solution from Incognito and CloudSense harnesses the power of Salesforce’s Einstein and Next Best Action, alongside best of breed OSS and BSS, to deliver a holistic digital customer experience.

Einstein’s artificial intelligence discovers problems before they impact your customer experience and Next Best Action intelligently automates resolutions, building customer loyalty in the process.

For example, if you’re breaching an SLA, the proactive customer experience solution steps in to automatically issue your customer credit, or even recommend a better service tier to upsell your customer. The predictive experience preempts customer issues to build a positive brand sentiment, reduce inbound costs and generate additional revenue with upsells.

Download your free guide today and discover how to:

  • Preempt and troubleshoot customer problems before service quality is impacted
  • Create brand advocates and skyrocket your NPS
  • Increase customer engagement, loyalty and retention
  • Generate more revenue with upsells and cross-sells
  • Reduce costs by minimizing inbound calls and fewer truck rolls

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