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10 signs you need Quote-to-Cash

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10 signs you need Quote-to-CashConfigure Price Quote (CPQ) software helps companies generate fast and accurate quotes. But, in today’s customer-centric era, software alone is no longer enough for successful sales. As a result, CPQ software has evolved to address not just the sales process challenges – but every step of the customer lifecycle.

This new generation of CPQ software, Quote-to-Cash, goes beyond Configure Price Quote to deliver an all encompassing, omnichannel solution. So, does your business need quote to cash?

We’ve taken a look at 10 key problems your organization may be experiencing that a Quote-to-Cash platform can help resolve, including:

  • Lengthy product launches
  • Slow manual processes, leading to regular inaccuracies
  • A limited view of your customers
  • Missed opportunities for upsell, cross-sell and renewal
  • An inability to scale the business.

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