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The rise of omnichannel sales has highlighted the complexity, costs and cumbersome nature of Communications Service Providers’ (CSPs) siloed legacy systems. The systems not only make it difficult to improve the customer experience, but also delay the time to market for new products.

In a recent CloudSense survey, 79 per cent of CSPs said their systems were a barrier when selling products and services, and 82 per cent couldn’t easily sell bundles across all products and services. IT teams may focus on standardising applications for costs and security reasons, but CSPs need systems that allow them to innovate and move into new markets.

So, how can CSPs solve these key issues? The answer lies in the architectural solution known as ‘pace layering.’

For an expert run down on pace layering, download this free whitepaper by Fawzi Fares, CloudSense’s technical architect and co-founder. The paper details how pace layering can help CSPs to:

  • Satisfy the needs of both sides of their business
  • Provide an omnichannel commerce platform
  • Achieve the agility they so urgently need

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