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The evolution of technology has changed the way people buy. The arrival of new digital channels, as well as the rise of social platforms, means consumers are not only more demanding, but their voices are louder and more visible if their demands are not met. Businesses are investing heavily to deliver a transformational digital and mobile application experience to satisfy these rising customer expectations, but brick and mortar stores have been left behind. Until now.

Retail KICK is a mobile application powered by the cloud, built for the customers of today and the retailers of tomorrow. Retail KICK is a powerful, flexible mobile application that maximizes agent selling power. Utilizing a single product catalog, cart building and bundling of sophisticated product sets is simple with guided selling screens and profile security control to ensure pricing integrity. Sign on glass technology and PCI DSS EMV payment enablement ensures that sales can always be closed, even without internet connectivity.

Unify retail and digital commerce channels for exceptional omnichannel engagement

Improve customer stickiness and maximize customer value

Retail KICK delivers a unified path to purchase for customers regardless of whether they choose a self service or assisted journey, or even a mixture of both. The solution handles high-volume sales and delivers a unique personalized experience for every customer. Customize look and feel to your preferences. Put a 360-degree view of customer information, subscription and order status, intelligent next-best-action recommendations and mobile payments all at your sales’ teams fingertips.

Improve your customer experience with downstream process integration. Access real-time product and pricing information through a single product catalog in the cloud and combine with critical data such as serviceability and eligibility information for accuracy and relevancy. Decompose and process orders automatically, removing double keying and manual processes and cutting your time to cash cycle.

Key Features

  • Utilizes centralised CRM data for a truly customer-centric approach
  • Integrates with ERP and business systems to ensure a seamless downstream process
  • Cart as a service architecture for persistent shopping cart across all channels including store
  • A single product catalog managed in the cloud to enable rapid go to market strategies for core and diversified services across all channels
  • Customer self service capabilities for sales and care to drive business efficiencies and customer satisfaction
  • Assisted selling and guided journeys to increase sales performance and customer stickiness
  • High performant interface to efficiently manage high volumes in a B2C environment
  • EMV and PCI DSS for secure payment processing



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