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Reserved Services


CloudSense Reserved Services offer ongoing Expert, Implementation & Integration services. Reserved Services is ideal for ongoing support or steady state, established change programmes with long term requirements which need a predominately stable resource to deliver. Service agreements run for a minimum of a year and provide you with long term access to our people.

Flexible to meet your demands

Our Reserved Services scale to your needs. We have capacity to ramp up and down to your changing requirements. This flexible approach provides you with the freedom to match our services with your business goals. We can provide any combination of Expert and Implementation Services tailored to your project needs, working in partnership with you to develop and secure long term relationships.

Manage and support

We offer a robust support package that can be tailored to you needs and level of expertise. We provide flexible service levels and out of hours support to provide you with a comprehensive level of cover. Our Reserved Services can own problems that arise or up-skill employees in your organization to tackle issues themselves.