Maximize your investment

Success Plan

Customer success is a top priority at CloudSense. Every customer is provided with a success plan to best suit your need and budget. By investing in your success plan you will ensure a higher return on your CloudSense investment. Whether you require just break fix support and online training or need administrative assistance with the CloudSense platform and help with testing against new Salesforce releases we have the plan for you.

The CloudSense success plans have been proven to drive the adoption of the platform from the start and over the long term. The productivity of users is boosted through access to the right information as well as expert guidance when required. Business continuity is assured through 24/7 options and hands on assistance with platform changes and Salesforce releases.


The Standard Success Plan

Get started with the Standard Success Plan from CloudSense. This entry level Success Plan gives you round the clock support for service issues and software defects.


You benefit from :

  • 24 x 7 email support
  • Support for software and bespoke code/configuration defects


The Premium Success Plan

Go further with the Premium Success Plan from CloudSense. Enhance your success with telephone support and guidance, target response times and training discounts.


You benefit from everything in the Standard Success Plan, as well as:

  • Telephone support
  • Target response times based on severity levels.
  • CloudSense platform related remote guidance
  • Access to training discounts


The Premium+ Success Plan

Let CloudSense support your administration of our platform with the Premium+ Success Plan from CloudSense.


You benefit from everything in the Premium Success Plan, as well as:

  • CloudSense platform related administration support
  • Free training delegate passes
  • Templates for internal training


The Premium Max Success Plan

When nothing less will do ensure your success there is the Premium Max Success Plan from CloudSense. Enhance your success with developer support and regression testing.


You benefit from everything in the Premium+ Success Plan, as well as:

  • Developer support
  • Regression testing support